On this page I will display artwork and exhibitions I've done or participated in through the years, and add the most recent stuff at the top of the page. All images are clickable, to see bigger versions.


Earphone concert at Gävle library the 3rd nov 2010, arranged by Moneeo. I participated with my piece "Wake Up".

Link to review (In Swedish, I'm afraid...)

Link to my sound pieces


The Early Worm, a video / installation that was shown at Kulturkiosken, Gävle for two weeks during oct 2010. See the documentation video below, to get a hint of how the exhibition was.

A big thanks to my friend and artistic companion Per Sörensen. Without his clarity, feedback and assistance, the installation would have lost a part of its edge.


Medical boxes - art objects (or three-dimensional prints) for the exhibition of our artist studio society, 3e Tvärgatan at Galleri Luckan, Laxön Älvkarleby. The exhibition is open until 10th October 2010. The theme could be a reflection over human nature and the search for shortcuts that don't exist. The boxes are hand made, i. e. the print is computer designed and printed out on an ink jet printer. Then I cut out the box pattern of the paper, folded the boxes and glued them shut. The acrylic glass boxes are also hand made, with ruler, scalpel and component glue. (Framgång = Success, Ödmjukhet = Humility)



T . E . S . is a recently formed trio consisting of Anders Thyr, Elisif Elvinsdotter and Per Sörensen. Our first collaboration is the video piece #01. It was shown for the first time at Vindöga festival at Sandviken Art Museum the 21st of November 2009.




Me and my friend and colleague, Jakob Danhard, exhibited together at Länsmuseet, an art museum in Gävle, during the period may-september 2008. The exhibition was called Ur Funktion, which can be interpreted as out of function, or out of order. Click to start the YouTube film below, that one speaks for itself.

Utställning Ur Funktion bild ettUtställning Ur Funktion bild tvåUtställning Ur Funktion bild tre




Bild från utställningen Tillfällig Konst. TechnologyIn Wij Gardens, Ockelbo, I did this piece, at the exhibition Temporary Art, 2004. With a knife, I cut the word ”Technology” out of the grassy ground. Then I removed the grass surface from the letters T, H and N. Would the weather erase the letters and leave the word ECOLOGY, or would new grass grow and cement the word TECHNOLOGY?

Närbild av verket Technology


Toy Soldier was exhibited 2001 at the exhibition Play House at Ekeby Quarn, Storvreta. I reflected upon the then relatively new virtual world of online computer games and other internet based social interactions, where people met in the shape of avatars. Toy Soldier was a self ironic interpretation, where I built an alter ego that wasn't as far from reality as a avatar easily might become - as you can become whoever you want. I chose to construct a more naive soldier outfit, based on my real body, instead of a more idealized, more flattering version. More toy-like, being faithful to the main theme of the exhibition. I presented the art piece in the shape of the life sized news displays you can see at video- and computer game stores.

Toy SoldierPlayHouse



In the piece Vincit Omnia, I tried to fit myself into Da Vinci's ”Vitruvian Man”, one of the depictions of a fictituous ideal human. My art piece was part of a bigger context, where I worked with questions concerning identity. The ideal image of humans - the Photoshop manipulated, perfect images of people in mass media pictures, shaping our self image. The struggle for ideals we can't reach, and maybe should not even try reaching. Not even Da Vincis old ideal picture corresponds to that many people in real life. Least of all me, with my physical handicap. The struggle was staged through passing time - I was standing in each position for four hours while a video camera took stop-motion pictures every 15th second. You see time pass, the sunlight moving on the wall. The video was projected onto a sand blasted glass surface, 1 x 1 metres, hanging from the ceiling in two steel wires. The piece was shown at the art department's master exhibition at the Historical Museum in Stockholm 2000. Start the video below to see the piece.




In Starboy Project, I created a fictitious rock star: The project was part of a bigger context, where I was working with questions concerning identity. Me and my artist colleague Paul Steen, who was Starboy in this project, wrote songs, a CD with ten songs was produced, a 3D-animated music video, a tour poster and one live performance. I modeled, rendered and animated in various 3D applications.

Omslag Konstnären Nr 2 2000CD-omslag StarboyStarboy CD-etikett






These pieces, i exhibited at Gothenburg Culture Center in 1995. I worked with the symbol of eternity in different versions, where the strictly industrial form juxtaposed the intimate.

Bild ett Göteborgs KulturcentrumBild två Göterborgs Kulturcentrum. Evighetsform i stenBild tre Göteborgs Kulturcentrum. Evighetsformer byggda av papprörBild fyra Göteborgs Kulturcentrum. Samma papprör som föregående bild, annan vinkelBild fem Göteborgs Kulturcentrum. Triangelsten i granit




Various studies of form, from my time in Gothenburg. The first image shows a model prototype that I built, to illustrate an idea about an exhibition/museum about the East Indian Company. This was the first draft, I made a more thoroughly worked model that I deliviered to the woman that hired my services. She would use it to sell this idea to financeers and politicians in town. Truth be told, I have no idea where that project ended up, I left Gothenburg shortly thereafter.

Bild modell av utställning ostindiska kompanietBild arkitekturBild två arkitekturBild tre arkitektur

Bild ett diverse formerBild två diverse formerBild tre diverse formerBild fyra diverse former

Bild ett kossor och formerBild två kossor och formerBild tre kossor och formerBild fyra kossor och former


Copper graphics.

The Altar, I and II.

altaret 01altaret 02

Windwalker, a study.

windwalker 01windwalker 02