My services


Here is a simple check list if you want to hire my services:

1. Click on"Contact me" in the menu to the left. Submit your name, email address, and a short description of your errand. Submit a phone number in the message if you want me to call you.

2. I contact you, either on the phone or via email, or, if possible, we meet personally. We have a dialogue, so that I get a clear picture of what it is that you expect from me, and what you want me to produce for you. We talk, I might make some quick sketches to make sure we are both on the same page.

3. I give you a proposed price for the job, based on how long time I estimate that the job will take. If you accept my proposition, I get to work.

4. Depending on the nature of the job, you will soon get sketches, first drafts, or maybe even half finished illustrations, for you to look at, and give me feedback on changes and corrections that you want me to make. I make the changes and send a new draft to you. This process might be repeated a couple of rounds.

5. I deliver a finalized result, and we agree on a method of payment for my job.


A question you may ask yourself at this point, is how much my services cost. My hourly fee is 750 Swedish crowns, VAT excluded. This equals $105, or £62, in today's currency (Aug 5, 2009). How long time I need, depends of course on what it is you want me to produce.


Let me give you two real examples, to give you a picture of how I work: The image below, that I produced for a press release from Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority, took me a little less than three hours to complete, including a couple of turns with drafts. The illustration was delivered the day after I got the job, so I'm capable of working on very short notice. The final cost was 2100 Swedish crowns, VAT excluded. That equals $294, or £174. The Swedish VAT is 25 %, so that is added to the price. In this case, there was already some graphic material for me to reference to, which made the job easier. If I had had to do research for the illustration as well, for example find the right airplane model, find out exactly how this laser scanning technique worked and was configured etcetera, the job would have taken one or two hours longer. This is the public, "layman version" of the illustration. I also produced a more technical version, where GPS and XYZ-directions are displayed. That version of the illustration will be used for displayings within the department, for educational purposes. (For a bigger version, click on the image).


Bild Lantmäteriet Pressmeddelande


The illustration job for the shipping company, that I also show on my illustration portfolio page, there the job tempo was very high. I worked for 225 hours producing almost 300 illustrations, which means I worked less than one hour on average, on each illustration. Below you see a few examples from the production, to give you a picture of the character and scope of the assignment. These images are not clickable, check my illustration portfolio page for bigger versions of some of the illustrations.



Generally, I work very fast. As a rule, if I don't have too many simultaneous assignments, I can deliver first draft on the same day I got the job, or the day after.

If you want to get in touch to discuss an assignment, go to my contact page (You find the link at the bottom of the menu to the left), submit your name and email and I will get back to you shortly.